Packing Supplies and You: What You Need to Get

Packing for a move can be a complicated process. You’ll have to plan for it and the most important part of the planning is that you have the right materials for it. Here are the supplies you need to ensure your move is done properly:

  • Boxes. The main part of any moving effort are the boxes. You should look into buying boxes that are sturdy and large enough to accommodate whatever you want to put into them. If you’re into recycling, you can hang around the local grocery and ask for several of their old boxes. If you can afford it, though, you may want to spend for plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones. Plastic boxes are generally tougher, waterproof, and come in a variety of sizes.

  • Padding. When you’re moving anything, there’s a chance it could get damaged in transit. That’s why you’ll need padding materials. Most of the time, you can settle for torn-apart newspapers to provide the cushioning you need. However, if you are transporting fragile objects additional padding may be needed. Foam peanuts and bubble wrap are possible alternatives.

  • Plastic bags. Not everything can be packed easily in a box. You’ll need plastic bags to gather smaller objects or disassembled materials for packing.

  • Tape. To seal everything in, you’ll need durable tape. Choose a heavy-duty tape like duct tape or something similar to close up your boxes.


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