A Guide to Moving Office: Do It Right

Business owners measure their success differently. An undeniable mark of success, however, is business expansion, especially one that involves moving into a prime space in London. Unfortunately, an office relocation takes time, effort, and money, but it can be a rewarding and trouble-free experience if it is done right. Here are some pointers on how this can be achieved:

Schedule it on a weekend.

When done on weekdays, moving into a new office can cut down on regular working hours, so it’s best to schedule moving day on a weekend. Working with removal companies can ensure that office equipment, furniture, and other essentials are transferred efficiently and quickly to the new location. This way, it’s business as usual when Monday arrives.

Plan weeks in advance.

Plan ahead of time–preferably weeks before the target moving date. Involve the removal company in the planning by asking a representative to do an assessment of the old vs. the new location. This way, both parties can work out a game plan that addresses all the needs.

Ask the staff to help out.

While most of the packing can be done by removal companies, there are items that are better handled by the office staff, like IT peripherals used for storing company-related data. Assign a company IT staff to disconnect and pack servers and hard drives to ensure the data in these devices remain intact once the move is complete.


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