Careful With That Computer

The modern office can’t do without its state-of-the-art electronics, namely computers. However, as technology grows in capability and sophistication, its durability often slumps. These days, you can break an LCD monitor or hard drive with a good hit or fall. It’s no wonder this is an issue when offices move places.

Removal companies will provide the most ideal packaging solutions for electronics. However, it pays to consider the following tips to make the move much easier.

  • Keep the original boxes whenever you buy electronics. This ensures the correct box for a specific unit. If you don’t have the original boxes, invest in newsprint or bubble wrap—a lot of it.

  • Disassemble the hardware, if possible, and keep them in the same box. An LCD monitor and its stand will fit in separate flat boxes—and avoid scratches or damages when packed together.

  • Keep other components like wires, adapters, and peripherals in the same box to avoid confusion during unpacking. Use coloured tags or stickers, especially in bundling wires.

  • If you need to move the hardware but don’t need it right away, invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. Don’t label the boxes bound for the storage space to keep them from thieving eyes.

  • Above all else, only trust an experienced removal service for moving electronics.


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