Avoid These Mistakes When Moving Your Office

Compared to a conventional house move, an office move has many more delicate factors to consider. When mistakes are made during an office move, there could be serious repercussions like cost overruns and operational downtime. That being said, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when moving an office to a new address.

Lack of planning – A house move can be as simple as packing things up and setting them in place at the new location with only a few considerations. In contrast, an office move requires much more than these. Planning ahead is absolutely critical, and preparations should ideally begin as early as during the hunt for a new location.

Misinterpreting tech transfer – This is where an office move separates itself from a typical house move—the often massive banks of electronics that need to be transferred along with the furniture. Tech transfer can be the most complicated part of the move, since you don’t only transfer the hardware, but also the software. For instance, backing up critical data is very important; more so if you don’t have off-site storage.

Underestimating time delays – An office has a definite timeline to stick to, and any delay (no matter how minuscule it may seem) may contribute to significant business downtime. By planning as early as possible, you prevent the dangers of time delays derailing your set business schedule.


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