Planning a Smooth and Hassle-Free Office Move

Moving into a new office needs more consideration and planning—it doesn’t just involve moving equipment and furniture, but it also requires preparing and organising your employees before the big move. While you don’t have to worry about the logistics involved, since removals company can do the actual moving itself, proper planning is essential to ensure a hassle-free transfer to your new office.

Visualising a Floor Plan

Once you have had the confirmation that you will indeed move offices, you need to have an understanding of the layout of your soon-to-be new office. Visualise a floor plan, detailing where everything is supposed to be, and it also helps to take measurements to draft an accurate plan.

Preparing your Employees

Your employees will undoubtedly need to get used to their new office, and giving out an Office Moving Guide can help them prepare for the days to come. Ensure that your employees will know what they need to label and, for a smoother process, assign certain members to help in the coordination of the move.

Packing Items

To save time, there’s no need for you to empty filing cabinets of documents and the like. Instead, lock these cabinets so that its contents will remain secure as they are being moved to your new office. Also, advise your employees to pack their personal items and label the boxes with their name. Small items, such as books and folders, should also be packed together.


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