Choosing Paper or Plastic Bubble Wrap

When you are planning a move to a new home and you need to prepare and pack valuable, fragile items, you may wonder if it is better to use paper packing materials or plastic bubble wrap. Either one is very effective for making sure your most precious breakable items are still in one piece when you unbox them in your new home.

The secret is not to be stingy with the use of the packing material. Trying to save a little cost by using less packing material than is needed to sufficiently protect an item can be very costly in the end. The plates, cups, glasses, pictures, and other items to be preserved need to be wrapped to the extent that they have a little pillow to absorb hits and shocks. They must be protected from any hard items that could hit the box in which they are secured, but they must also be protected from each other. Often, breakage occurs as items within a moving and storage box hit each other. A little extra material and a little extra time to wrap may prevent a later heartbreak.

Once the removal and unpacking is completed, the question becomes what to do with the no-longer-needed packing material. Paper packaging is probably easier to be recycled, but plastic bubble wrap often can be reused by you or a local packing and shipping service company.


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