The Basics of an Efficient Office Move

With a population of over 113,000 residents, Ealing is one of the most affluent suburbs in West London. Part of this success has arisen from the fact that numerous businesses have moved into the area during recent years. Such an important transition can present a number of challenges. So, it is wise to have a quick look at the best ways to approach an office move.

Disassembling and Assembling Items

It’s very common for office furniture and storage units to be disassembled before transport. However, employees and owners may not have the tools necessarily to accomplish this task safely. Third-party moving companies will offer trained professionals that are very familiar with this necessity. This is a great way to expedite the transition while maximising storage space.


Another area that needs to be addressed is the ability to efficiently pack any items before transport. Delicate objects including televisions, computer monitors, network routers, and hard drives should be given special attention. Tape and bubble wrap are normally used, and if these are then placed within boxes, the containers should be clearly labelled as fragile. This will make the movers aware that they need to be especially careful during transport.

Not only will these reminder help the move itself go smoothly, but any potential for damage can also be avoided—which would be very beneficial from an insurance point of view.


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