Taking the Stress Out of Moving House in Ealing

It’s been said that moving and the death of a spouse are among the most stressful life events we’ll ever live through, so it seems sensible to prepare your move well in advance. Here are some tips to take the pressure off when you’re moving:

Cut Down on Your Stuff

Decluttering is all the rage, and it’s actually really helpful when you move. Don’t hold back, because there’s no point in paying to have possessions moved that you won’t use or that you’ll be paying to have someone else take away in a year. Donate unwanted books, bric a brac and clothing to charity shops, and if you’re moving in the summer, consider doing a car boot sale to raise some money you can put towards the cost of moving. Furniture you’ve grown tired of can be sold easily at car boot sales, but you might get more for it on Ebay or Gumtree.

Hire Your Help

Even if you’re just moving within the borough, it’s usually better to pay for trustworthy labour you can rely on than having friends let you down at the last minute. The whole move will be managed professionally (as long as you hire good people), it will be over much more quickly and you won’t be straining your back or trying to angle the sofa just so to get it out of the front door.


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