Why Use a Professional Removals Company

It’s becoming more and more common for individuals to live in several different homes during their lifetimes. And though great memories are made and kept over the years, one aspect of this transition that is often forgotten is the stress and effort of physically moving personal possessions from place to place. Here are a handful of tips to remind you why hiring a professional removal service is the best plan of action:

1. Speed and Consistency

Professional movers have the act of packing and transferring down to a fine art. They will be much faster than laypersons could ever be, and they will stick to the task at hand while your mind might begin to move to other jobs that still need to be done.
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More Tips on Choosing a Removal Company

When moving house, you have more than enough things to worry about and organize, so obviously you don’t want anything to go wrong on the big day. Here are some additional pointers for choosing a removal company, to ensure you have a little more peace of mind when moving to your new home.
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Removals: What Affects Your Price Quote?

Settling into a new place can be one of the defining moments in your life. Whether you’re moving to a new flat or detached house, you may have something going when it helps you live more independently.

Still, when you are prepared to make that leap with removal companies in London, you need to address some hurdles first, especially on the pricing front. Here are factors that can affect the price quote that you can receive:

Quantity and weight of your belongings. This will affect not only the price but also how large a crew is needed to move them (i.e. more manpower = additional costs). Continue reading

Choosing Paper or Plastic Bubble Wrap

When you are planning a move to a new home and you need to prepare and pack valuable, fragile items, you may wonder if it is better to use paper packing materials or plastic bubble wrap. Either one is very effective for making sure your most precious breakable items are still in one piece when you unbox them in your new home.

The secret is not to be stingy with the use of the packing material. Trying to save a little cost by using less packing material than is needed to sufficiently protect an item can be very costly in the end. The plates, cups, glasses, pictures, and other items to be preserved need to be wrapped to the extent that they have a little pillow to absorb hits and shocks. They must be protected from any hard items that could hit the box in which they are secured, but they must also be protected from each other. Often, breakage occurs as items within a moving and storage box hit each other. A little extra material and a little extra time to wrap may prevent a later heartbreak. Continue reading